• Andrea Porter

    Andrea Porter

  • Thanactyonlineteacher


  • Vinish Garg

    Vinish Garg

    A guardian of an intent. For the right investments in product teams for 360-Perspective on UX and CX. Co-founder Outcome conference. http://www.vinishgarg.com/

  • Amos Glenn

    Amos Glenn

  • Alice Gwinn

    Alice Gwinn

  • Rene’ Oliver

    Rene’ Oliver

    The bean counter’s wife At Last. Ass-kicking bonus mom. Instructional Design Career Coach. Storyteller. Higher Education eLearning Leader. Florida Gator.

  • Carol Pankiw

    Carol Pankiw

  • Dana Ly

    Dana Ly

    eLearning Designer and Developer | Instructional Designer

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